Candide by Leonard Bernstein
" . . . The aria ['Glitter and Be Gay'] is sung brilliantly and winningly at a midway point by Adrienne Fortini, as Cunegonde.  It's a high point of the show, and generally speaking, Fortini is the best thing in it, playing the role of this put-upon female with wonderful truth, personal warmth, wit, and a sense of humor that is both subtle and broad, as the occasions require. . . . "
William Glackin - Sacramento Bee - October, 2002
Lucia di Lammermoor  by Gaetano Donizetti
" . . . Fortini transforms the setting and herself.  She is Lucia;  her voice, without being exaggerated, communicates every mood.  Initially, standing beside the fountain where a terrible death once occurred, her voice is haunted.  With thoughts of her beloved Edgardo, her voice grows misty and then passionate. . . . In the best of all possible worlds, Fortini would help fill large houses;  in our world, she lifts a production out of its modest setting.  She lives and breathes and sings Lucia ... and she creates opera."
Marilyn Mantay - Enterprise music critic - April 2001
The Sound of Music - by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein
" . . . As Elsa, Adrienne Fortini, with her fine soprano [voice], could well be the cast's most accomplished performer.  Her trios with Max and the Captain - 'How Can Love Survive?' and 'No Way to Stop It' - are delivered with great style.  Fortini's poise and Caron Dunn's costumes - only a small part of her accomplishment for this show - make Elsa the picture of elegance . . . "
Marilyn Mantay - Enterprise music critic - November 1998
L'Elsir D'Amore - by Gaetano Donizetti
" . . . The hero, Nemorino (young, simple peasant in love) and heroine, Adina (wealthy & capricious farm keeper) are played by Todd James and Lynn Panattibu (Cast A) and Christopher Benoit and Adrienne Fortini (Cast B).  I understand that Todd and Lynn do a great job, but they can't be any batter than Christopher and Adrienne!  We enjoyed their beautiful voices as well as their acting ability.  Adrienne's facial expressions are something to behold ... she has a real comedic flair. . . . "
Bobbi Jones - The Carmichael Kaleidoscope On Stage - April 1996
I Pagliacci - Ruggero Leoncavallo
" . . . [Aldo] Marra [playing Canio (and Pagliaccio)], an internationally recognized tenor who now makes his home in Davis, is a naturally energetic and dramatically powerful performer and 'I Pagliacci' is a perfect vehicle for his talent. . . . Adrienne Fortini, as Canio's wife, Nedda, was superb, both of voice and dramatic performance.  Her slender and expressive figure and hands perfectly complimented her exquisite voice. . . . "
Joanne Burkett - The Press-Tribune - December 1995